Zero waste: near future

Last time I wrote about zero waste, I shared some good zero waste habits I already had. This time I wanted to tell you my plans for the near future. It are easy swaps, but because I still have the not zero waste friendly back-ups it is important to first use those until they can be replaced by better alternatives.


I use a electric toothbrush, but when I go on vacation I usually use a regular toothbrush. And I still have some backups in my bathroom, but when these are used up, I want to buy and use bamboo toothbrushes. These can be recycled and are better for the planet :)

Soap and Shampoo

As for soaps and shampoos, I also still have back ups in my bathroom. Once these are finished I want to start using shampoo bars and I also want to try apple cider vinegar as conditioner. I never use conditioner at all, but I heard so many good things about it, that I want to give it a try! As for soaps I also plan to use package-free bars. There are so many nice soap and shampoo bars out there. And I definitely want to try some out. I bought a lush shampoo bar. I was planning on waiting to get one until all my back ups had been used up. But once in the Lush I couldn’t help buying one. It smells so nice and soft. I will be using another package that I still have from a body scrub to save it in. And I also noticed that my vaseline container is the perfect size for the shampoo bar. But since it will take me some years to finish my vaseline I have the body scrub package that I can reuse. This is especially needed for travelling.


Using a safety razor. These are razors where you only need to change the blade itself (not the plastic head with blade). So it turns out my dad had one that he stopped using. And he has given it to me. So there are still some disposable razors in my home, but again once these are used I no longer want to buy them.

For now I think it is really important to take it slow. And not hurry using the non zero waste friendly products just to replace them. I am afraid it will take some time to finish all that we have in our home. But the zero waste mindset is already here, and I can’t wait to use more and more zero waste options!

Lastly, I wanted to mention that zero waste and minimalism go hand in hand so well.

Do you live zero waste? Do you have any advice you can give to a zero wast beginner?

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