What really helps me stay motivated and inspired

Sometimes there are just days that I’m frustrated. Things don’t go as planned and everything just seems to go wrong. And even when things go just as you like, you still feel annoyed and bothered. Grumpy bad days. It’s totally normal to have them. But lets be honest, totally not fun.

It’s the end of January and most of us are starting to forget our new years resolutions. Please say I am not the only one. There is this really fun thing to do, that really helps clear the mind. It makes you think about what is important and what you really want in life. So I really like to write things down, but if you don’t like that so much you can also practice it by simply thinking. Writing it is a bit more helpful for when you’re not feeling to well to just read trough it. And when you write it down it is also on paper and it makes it more real. So I would definitely recommend writing it down!

So what is it. It comes down to the ideal you, the ideal life and the habits etc. that are connected to that. Since everyone has different values, it is important to point out that this is about your ideal life/habits/etc. Also, make sure you use it as inspiration and not as a list of things that grand you happiness or anything in that kind. So you can think about certain habits that you have or that you would like to have and write down what the things are that you would or wouldn’t do if you where living your ideal life and also make sure to write down how you feel.

Think about who you want to be surrounded by but also what you want to be surrounded by. I for example always liked the idea of having a simple house really pure, lots of natural light but also really warm and welcoming and filled with plants. Having said that this was something I have written down in 2014 so almost four years ago. And I still feel mostly the same about things that I wrote down. Of course I can’t just buy a new house that will fulfill my dreams. But I can make changes to my current living situation to make it more how I want. So I cleared my room and added some lovely plants :) And I really like how my things came together.

Think about what you want to do daily. Drink more water, every time I read this, I’m remembered of wanting to drink a healthy amount of water. So I will run to get some water now! But also eating. Many people want to lose/gain weight or be healthier. And I think that it’s important to think what kind of food comes with that goal. So for me a daily habit I wanted to include was sporting. It took me some time to start and to really enjoy it.

Yoga. Since forever I wanted to become more flexible, but since it was not really my priority it never happened. Until I injured my wrist. I couldn’t go to kickboxing class anymore :( and I still wanted to sport. So at my gym they offer a wide variety of sports. And you can just try out classes etc. I was looking into the options taking in mind that I couldn’t put force om my wrist. And I ended up doing a class of yoga. Had to make some small adjustments, but I loved it. I had tried it about a year ago, but I didn’t like it to much. This time I had a wonderful teacher who really inspired me. She always makes it a bit ‘mindful’ while keeping it down to earth.

Lastly I wanted to share the most important thing for me when it comes to my ‘ideal habits’. Morning routine. Not so much an actual routine, but more a way of thinking when waking up. So the ideal me doesn’t stay in bed an hour after my alarm goes off. I would love to just wake up preferably without an alarm, but otherwise with an alarm and just feel well rested and ready for the day. Really looking forward to it and taking time to have breakfast, get dressed etc. This can really influence your day so much. And last week I have been slacking so much. That I write this last paragraph not only to inspire you but also to remind myself to wake-up in a nice way and really enjoy every part of my day!

I hoped you all enjoyed reading this. But mostly that it helps you to where you want to be in life. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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