Hi! I’m Citlali, the girl behind this site. I write about things that cross my mind. Short stories about my days, minimalism, zero waste, happiness, veganism, wisdom and other wordsbylali :)

To get a better idea of who I am, here are some random things about me.

I am a 24 year-old student who lives in Amsterdam | I suck at making decisions | I have a huge wanderlust and love to travel | I speak Dutch, Spanish and English fluently | I would love to be able to add French (and German) to this as well | If you hadn’t noticed, I love making lists | I also love food, photography, especially portrait photography :D | The feeling of being enthusiastic about life, and motivated and inspired really lifts my spirit | There are many things that I don’t like, but I like to focus on the good :) | I am curious, impatient and sometimes really quiet | I can also be very talkative | I can be both childish and super serious (although usually not at the same time)

I hope you enjoy my blog! Please feel free to ask me anything, if you have a remark or anything, do leave a message! I will try to answer my very best, given that it is appropriate :)

Lots of love,


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