VJB visit

I thought i had a good outlook on the time. But last minute I remembered that the road was still closed so I had to take a little detour. And it was also still cold en not every path would be free of snow, another couple extra minutes. So I still ended up hurrying a bit. Running late as I always seem to do, I still took time to check the mailbox. And on top of unwanted mail there was one letter, addressed to me. First person who I could think of sending me a Christmas letter did not match the handwriting, although the writing looked familiar. Half busy getting my bike i inspected the envelope a bit better and identified the sender. A big smile appeared on my face but I reminded myself I was in a hurry. In a millisecond I decided to put the card in my jacket and open it at my destination.

After locking my bike and checking inside the bar I looked at my phone. Right on time. The person I was meeting wasn’t there yet and I decided to wait outside. I carefully ripped the envelope open and took out a beautiful handcrafted card. As I started to read, my heart filled with warmth and love. I felt thankful to have such an amazing friend and her words were so beautiful. I wanted to teleport myself to her. Give her a tight long hug and many many thanks. Instead I sent her a message: I received your superduper card! You are the sweetest!

As warmth kept filling my heart I saw the person I was to have dinner with riding towards me.

A moment later, we were sitting inside the warm VJB. The cold had made many people stay at home and the bar was almost empty. We ordered and started to talk. This might have been the very first time I was having dinner with only my sister outside the comfort of our own house(s). We know each other so well and yet there was still so much to say. We talked, cried and laughed. The food was once again delicious. It was truly a lovely evening. Riding back home our paths separated.

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