Too many drafts

Currently I have way too many drafts. Things I started writing about but then stopped halfway. Things that don’t feel complete or good enough. And this seems like the perfect example for my thoughts as well.

There are many things on my mind. Too many to fully think about them all. Some I tried to channel logically and give a final summery to. Others I am simply avoiding at all costs. And others only get attention a short while and then I either forget about them, or they get overrun by other thoughts. I have to prioritize. Write the most important ones down on paper. Think about how to achieve goals and learn how to place my thoughts in a way that it doesn’t overwhelm me. Let some thoughts go. Accepts changes and await for what the future will bring.

For now my goals for the coming week are

  • Fully focus on my exam, I failed a course and I do NOT want to have to follow the course again next year
  • Cook my meals, try new vegan recipes
  • Stay  inspired, don’t let things get you down, look at it from a positive view
  • Plan vacation
  • Make sure to be up to date concerning my internship
  • Do homework for new course

There are some more things I want to focus on, I am dying to sport again, but I can’t use my wrist atm, so I have to search for an alternative that I actually might enjoy. Decluttering my desk, since I did a really good job in minimizing my stuff and getting my room in ‘shape’. What I mean to say is, I am really happy with how my room is at the moment, I have been going through many things and clearing out a lot. I think my room reflects that, which I really like. Only my desk is cluttered. And it deserves some love. And lastly I want to have some good quality time with my friends. This is something I feel like I am missing a lot and I want to make a change.

I am sorry if it is not the most inspiring text, it’s just something to help me clear my head. What are your ways of coping with a lot of thoughts? And what are your goals for the coming week? Let me know in the comments!

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