The minimalist wishlist; why it is okay to have a wishlist as a minimalist

Please I don’t want any gifts. I started saying this and people always think its a lie. I really don’t want to be ungrateful but for me I rather get an experience such as a lunch together or another way to do something fun rather then getting something. The more I get into minimalism, the less I want, but also the better I know what I do want. I don’t want cheap mass production items or items where you pay more for the brand then for the items worth. I like things that have good quality and are made with great care and love. And additionally I want new experiences. Many things I rather pay for myself. I like 100% natural peanut butter or vegan ‘cream cheese’ spread. I like nuts and trying new fruits. I want to book a vacation, and discover new places.

First of all. Since becoming more intested in minimalism, I realised that shopping lost basically all its fun. It just felt like a waste of time. But being a minimalist doesn’t mean not wanting anything anymore. It means only ‘wanting’ things that you will love and use. Things that spark joy in you. Most of these things cost a bit more, but will last longer as well.

As for my ‘current’ wishlist:
-new bedding(s)
-a new bin for in my room, the one I have doesn’t fit my taste anymore
-a mouthguard for kickboxing
-wraps for kickboxing
-a sportlegging
-a small (video)camera
-a vacation
-new headphones (still doubting this one)
-shampoo bar

I can’t even use the wraps or mouthguard, since my wrist got injured. But these are things I know I will use and I will like. And to be honest my wishlist is more of a shopping list for myself. Some things are more expensive, but as I said I rather spend a bit more knowing it is good quality and that I will use it (allot). However I am in no hurry to buy everything at once.

What do you have on your current wishlist?

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