Zoals elk jaar eigenlijk begin ik een enorme druk te voelen. Van alles dat af moet voordat het kerst is. En dan ook nog nieuwe plannen maken, weten wat ik voor kerst ga doen, hoe ik nieuw jaar denk te vieren en mijn vakantie ga invullen.

Maar HOE is het in hemelsnaam nu al het einde van november? Het helpt totaal niet dat ik aan mijn scriptie ben begonnen, ziek ben geweest en simpelweg niet aan mijn werk kon beginnen. Ik weet dat ik hier extra slecht tegen kan, maar voor veel meer mensen is november en december een stressvolle maand.

Dus haal even diep adem.

Het komt goed. Zet op een rijtje wat je moet doen en werk elke dag eraan. Zoveel als je kan. Maar zorg ook dat je de tijd neemt om informatie te verwerken. Om even op adem te komen en iets ontspannends te doen. Even een rustige douche nemen om alle zorgen van je af te laten glijden. Je kan dit!

Ik weet dat je gestrest bent, maar dat betekend niet dat je gelijk moet stoppen met je studie, je baan of wat dan ook. Want hiervoor lukte het wel, en nu lukt het ook. En als het dan toch niet lukt, dan is dat ook oké.


There is something I have to tell you

When I first started seeing my boyfriend, we were already talking about mental illness quite soon. Partly due to the place we accidentally decided to have tea at. It soon became clear that we were both no strangers to mental illnesses and before I knew it I was telling him about my history with anxiety. I even told him that I was just finishing up on my therapy and that I wanted to take time to ‘find myself’. Focus on me and find my place in the world. He had told me a bit about his struggles and again I was reminded that you can’t see a mental illness.


A shitty day

It was a struggle between self-hate and anxiety today. And then i slept a lot trying to not feel anything while feeling exhausted by feeling so so much.

I don’t even realize how bad i feel, until i take a moment to reflect on myself.

At first i simply felt tired, exhausted. Even after many hours of sleep. But i’m avoiding everything that scares me by doing so. It doesn’t help at all. My schoolwork keeps pilling up and my social life that somehow managed to change entirely in a very short time just makes me feel disappointed in myself.

And there you have it, all the ingredients for a shitty day.

I could have had a lovely day in the park after working on my essay for a short while. And finishing the day by helping my sister with packing her bag.

However i don’t want to end my day so negative. This week my mindset has been negative enough.

Even if i had a talk so special that just thinking about it causes tears to form in my eyes. I’m really grateful for the talk and the wise words i heard ?

I ate warm poffertjes

I had a nice bikeride trough the rain
I am constantly reminded that a certain German thinks and cares about me as much as i do for her?
I have the most weird lovely family
I got a bag filled with clothes (don’t want to be materialistic but it is okay to be happy with new nice clothing)

I made a gratitude list on Monday, which i  shared on my Instagram.

Writing helps a lot, it helps me to put things into perspective and makes me optimistic for change. It activates me.

Hope that you did not have a shitty day!

Lots of love,

Citlali ♡