Taal twijfels

I’ve been thinking about writing in English. I just can’t figure it out, haha. My English isn’t great but that could (or is it can?) be both a good and a bad thing, as I can practice it by writing more in English. That would mean a whole lot more grammar difficulties and sentences that aren’t formulated (is that even a word) correct.

I like to read blogs in both languages, both Dutch and English have their charm. Reading books on the other hand I basically only do in English. So that really isn’t helping.

So I thought maybe, just maybe I should do both. I like to dwell on my thoughts, and sometimes things just sound so much better in English. But I don’t know.

Even terug naar het Nederlands, ik ben dus van plan om af en toe ook in het Engels te schrijven. Ik weet nog niet helemaal hoe ik het ga doen. Het is waarschijnlijk super onhandig, maar ik heb soms wat dingen die ik beter/liever in z’n Engels opschrijf.

Kent iemand dit probleem? Dat je tussen 2 talen twijfelt.

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