some shots of weeks ago

I think I mentioned once or twice that I wanted to make a short piece of film. A short montage of moments. So after trying to work with movie maker and making my first youtube video ever, I decided to shoot some more. Movie maker however doesn’t like me. Or anybody in that case. Simply moving one file can give you errors everywhere and after a while I decided that it just wouldn’t work. So I needed a new program to edit. And then I still needed to understand it, because there are all these functions and buttons and nicely said I am not to good at understanding digital programs. But with the help of youtube tutorials (and lowering some of my standards) I was able to make my first ever short footage clip ‘thingy’. I have no clue how to call it.

It only last 17 seconds, which is crazy when you think about the amount of time it cost me. But I am really happy with the result and I hope to edit some more and learn by practice. So hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of these short videos.

What do you think?


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