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Since I don’t have the inspiration to write about anything, I want to simply share some things. I will refer to posts, and most will be quite old. But still lovely as always <3

Recipes I tried and loved

Broccoli soup

I found this recipe trough pinterest, and since I have made it so many times. I never knew that lemon tasted so good with broccoli. Also by putting the broccoli in the oven, it gets a super flavor. The ginger I left out, since neither I nor my dad likes it, sorry mom. The toppings are optional, and I leave them out if I don’t have the ingredients at hand. Seriously guys, you HAVE to try this!

Broccoli Soup with Ginger and Lemon

Vegan rice-pie (Dutch)

I made the egg replacement as well as this cake/pie. And so good. My god. It was also very easy to make! So bonus for that. In the recipe it says that you have to stir the rice for 45 min. but I used the direction of the ‘dessert rice’ which was only 12 minutes and no regrets! Would definitely recommend it to everyone, vegan or not! For the egg replacement I bought johannisbroodpitmeel (locust bean gum?) which I found at ‘ecoplaza’, but it’s definitely not an easy ingredient to find. Also expensive, but luckily you only need very little of it so it will last long! :)

Vegan rijstevlaai – Limburgse vlaai

Scrambled tofu (Dutch)

I am not an egg-person, never was, but somehow I really wanted to make scrambled tofu. If there was one way I liked to eat eggs it was a la mexican, scrambled with onions and tomatoes. When I found this easy recipe from Lisa, I just had to try it. I even went to the store to buy tofu – usually I stall shopping single items until the real grocery shopping is planned. It was so good. I lacked turmeric, but the recipe still turned out great. For people who really like the egg flavor black salt will probably help. But for me it was totally unnecessary. I put it on my sandwich and with sun dried tomatoes, take note of this, because for me that made a huge difference. Maybe I was also just craving the dried tomato flavor. So good. And again, very easy to make and overall it doesn’t contain ingredients that you can’t find in a regular shop.

Scrambled tofu

Awesome invention

Sustainable notes (Dutch)

The sustainable version of a notebook. I still have a small pile of notebooks. I don’t use them a lot. But why it interests me so much (besides being sustainable) is the to-do list page. Because I love making lists and I usually use a lot of paper for it. It’s a notebook, with easy erase function of all you wrote. I would never use such a thing for texts, since I really like to keep those, but as I said for things like to do lists or things that you only need temporarily, it is brilliant!

Greenbook, een duurzaam alternatief voor een notitieblok

Pictures that make me want to go outside and get better at photography!

FML, the picture-blogs don’t show a preview. Precisely the ones that have the best pictures and I can’t say a lot about except take a look!

Julia Trotti

Julia takes a lot of very beautiful pictures. Somehow these really stayed with me, and I can only hope that one day I will be able to make someone feel what I feel when looking at these pictures!!!


Searching for tomorrow, always, always taking my breath away! Can’t say more, just take a look and be amazed!




A list of things that you just need to hear (or in this case read) every once in a while!

Things to keep in mind…

We took the road less travelled

Because sometimes, no matter how old you are, you just want mama to hold you and to tell you everything will be okay.

Good words about leaving your comfort zone 2x. Both keeping it realistic, because it’s not just sunshine and rainbows.


I Am Going: A Trip Beyond the Comfort Zone


The One Thing That All Successful People Do

And that’s my big inspiration, cooking-ation and fascination blog of today. Tell me your thoughts on the articles, the recipes and the photographs!

Lots of love,


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