New goals for 2018

Since 2018 I had a small list with my goals for 2018. I initially wanted to start another Day Zero Preoject (DZP), as I really enjoyed the last time I did that. However I only had a small list. Lately I’ve had some inspiration and I really wanted to write new goals down. Since it are still relatively small and easy goals, I will add it to my list of goals for 2018. Which you can find here. So what are my new goals?

Donate blood

Man, I wanted to do this since starting my DZP, but since I am super afraid of giving even a small blood sample, so I couldn’t. But now it’s time to get over those fears. My sister is a blood donor and I hope that by going along with her I will get a bit more used to the ambiance and the idea of giving blood. And that she can reassure me it’s not as bad as my mind makes it to be.

Make my own cake mascara

Disclaimer: it’s not cake, you cannot eat it! But it is a solid form of mascara, you can either buy it or make it yourself. Since there are many DIY recipes for it, I will try one out and see if I like it. The advantage over store bought liquid mascara is that it comes in a tin, and you use less plastic. I also think it will last longer. I don’t wear mascara too often, but I also know you can’t store it for too long because some bacteria grow super fast and you don’t want to expose your eyes to that. So, cake mascara it is! Honestly, I also think it will be really awesome to make make :)

DIY R&B by lush

Make a R&B by Lush inspired hair moisturizer. This one is not for me, but for my boy who loved R&B sample we got. Unfortunately it’s super expensive. So I thought lets just make our own. We will definitely not make an exact replica, but if we can make something that my boy loves, than what more can one want.

Spend the money I collected during my DZP on a nice day-activity!

As mentioned I did a DZP a while back. It started in 2014 and ended in 2016. During that time I collected money for every goal I achieved. The idea is that at the end of your DZP you spend the money on something awesome. And since it is already 2018 it is time to finally use it for something. Not sure what it will be, if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Make a (youtube) video

What?! Me? A person who overall doesn’t want to be in front of the camera. Truth it, I have wanted to make a youtube video for a very long time but I was too afraid. I am still quite afraid to be honest. But I just want to give it a try. To motivate me to actually do this I chose 3 videos that I want to try. First is probably the simplest, a tag. Which one, I don’t know yet, suggestions are very welcome. Next up is a day in my life video, I don’t want it to be a ‘vlog’ vlog but more a cinematic assembly of my day. And lastly I want to do a cinematic video. I made one last year and I had lots of fun making it. It was a personal one, so I won’t be sharing it here…unless you, you know who!, would want that. :) If you have a specific video you would like me to do, pleaaaase ask! I love hearing suggestions!

Start a bullet journal

Again…no comments hihi

Most goals are quite out of my comfort zone to be honest, but I like it. I think that it’s scary yet doable! And as often heard life begins outside your comfort zone. Imagine how awesome it would be if you don’t let your fear get in the way of doing what you love!

Do you want an update when I achieve a goal? For example the DIYs and my experiences and the recipes I used? And since I am always curious, do you have any goals for 2018?

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