goals 2018

As you may or may not know. I love making lists. This is my list of goals for 2018. The list will be altered throughout time, I will add some goals and probably delete some, as I change my mind every so often.

    1. visit the Hoge veluwe (and ride the white bikes) preferably with Jan :)
    2. take portrait photos of 10 ‘new’ people  [3/10]
    3. print my own photography book
    4. fly a kite
    5. long-board a lot until you feel like you have mastered the art of long-boarding (at least reasonably enough)
    6. go skinny dipping
    7. ride a tandem-bike with T.
    8. learn french (again)
    9. drink more water
    10. run 5K (no walk pauses)
    11. write a (short)story
    12. plan my trip to Iceland <3
    13. cook more often
    14. go surfing
    15. make homemade pasta
    16. donate blood [first steps taken]
    17. spend money collected for my day zero project on a nice day-activity
    18. start reading regularly again
    19. book a sprs.me vacation or a last-minute, just because you can!
    20. make cake mascara
    21. make hair moisturizer inspired by R&B from lush
    22. make a (youtube) video
    23. start a bullet journal
    24. start my own worm-compost
    25. take a pottery class
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