My journey to zero waste

Hi everyone. Today I want to talk about going zero waste and I want to take you along with my journey. I love watching zero waste videos on YouTube, especially as it really motivates myself and inspires me to produce less waste. There are multiple things that I already do to reduce the amount of waste that I produce, and there are some things that I am ready to introduce to my lifestyle. I am a total beginner when I comes to zero waste, so if you have any remarks or tips, please let me know!

First I will tell you what I am already doing. And in my next post about zero waste I will tell you about changes that I will make in the near future. Since years I am using a reusable water bottle. It is made of plastic but I have been using it a long time and I am planning to use it many more years. If you don’t have a reusable water bottle I would definitely recommend buying one. There are many options for water bottles. I would recommend buying one that isn’t made from plastic.

Using washing nuts as laundry detergent. You can buy these if you are from the Netherlands at the marqt, or online at where they are cheaper and you can buy bigger packages. And I know that they are also more available in Germany (at the dm for example) and otherwise you can search online and you should be able to find them! If you never used them, you might want to start with a smaller package, but once you used them and love them I would recommend buying a bigger package. They last super long and they are totally natural and recyclable.

This one is for periods, and some people are a bit icky when it comes to this. There are lots of options when it comes to period products. A menstrual cup, reusable pads or period panties, such as those from Thinx. I am personally not a big fan of the menstrual cup, but if you are used to tampons, you might like this option. Since a short while I have reusable pads, and I am really positive about them. I must say at first the idea was a bit icky to me. I could imagine using it at home where I can trow the used ones directly in the washing machine, but for use in public, I was still a bit in doubt. But it was easy to overcome in the end. So first of all you can buy really cute ones, with a pretty pattern and instead of sticking to your underwear they have a push button which keeps them in place. There are special little bags that are waterproof for when you need to refresh them. If you never heard of reusable pads, your first response might be yuk or gross, but once you get used to the idea it becomes more normal. After all it is just your own blood, it is not too different from ‘normal’ menstrual pads, and it’s way better for the environment. Lastly period panties, the special underwear that has a sort of reusable pad built in. I have never tried them, but I really like the idea and that’s why I wanted to mention them.

Using coconut oil for different purposes. I use it instead of cream , for dry lips, as make-up remover and this way I don’t have to buy creams in plastic containers nor lip balms. I do use body oils as well, these come in a glass bottle and I really love this. I buy them at the kruidvat and am very happy with them. I was never a big fan of creams, and when I saw the body oils I just had to try one. And since then I was sold. So I use either coconut oil or a body oil. And they both come in glass which is way better then plastic. Additionally I also use a make-up remover cloth which only needs water to clear your face from make up. And in cases of using a facial toner (which I also buy in a glass bottle) I use reusable cotton pads. I wrote about this before when talking about minimalism. In case you are interested you can find the article here.

When packing lunch I use a lunchbox, and when shopping I always bring my own bag(s). And that’s all I can think of right now, as far as what I am already doing to reduce the amount of waste I produce. But there are many more things I want to start doing.

Are you consciously trying to reduce the amount of waste you produce? What are your thoughts on the things that I am already doing, do you have similar ones or will you try one of the things I mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

Next time I’ll be sharing new ideas to produce less waste!

Lots of lalilove

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