Mexico, oh what a wonderful time did you give me this summer. You always seem to know how to make me fall in love with a place over and over again.

Since my mom is Mexican, Mexico is more than a summer destination for me. Not only do I want to discover the secrets and diversity of Mexico itself, I also get a chance to see my family again. To see what they’ve been up to and to meet new additions to the family. The sweetest little girl who is already more than a year old made me smile the brightest. She is a very special kid, and seeing here for the first time was amazing. All the photos and videos I had seen of my niece weren’t able to transfer her happy energy that she gives of the second she talks to you. How her little hand fits into yours. When you lift her up and she giggles. Men, she is adorable.

It was also the first time bringing a new addition to the family myself. As this was the year that they got to know my boyfriend T. He has never been to Mexico, speaks only the very basics of Spanish (most older generation Mexicans can’t speak English at all) and to make it even better we would have a full family reunion of the very day we arrived in Mexico-city. It was nice to see everyone again. I find it a bit of unfortunate that you can never talk to everyone enough. But am very grateful to see everyone who made it and speak with them.

I’ve been back a while now, but it took me some time to start writing this. I needed to adjust the Dutch everything again. Started school before I knew it and well starting to build up some good habits again.  There are lots of things that I don’t miss, the low toilets, the lack of toilet seats on public toilets, the dirty water, the lack of warm water from the shower, the smog, the amount of people, crowded metros. But nevertheless I miss a hella lot of things.

Getting freshly pressed grapefruit or orange juice, the fruits, popsicles from la Michoacana, my family, the friendliness of everyone. I miss Amigo the shy dog and Facundo the pretty white cat, the lemons hand picked ourselfs from the tree in my grandma’s garden. I miss discovering new places with beautiful blue waters or vegan restaurants that serve food unimaginable for most dutch people.

I will tell a bit more about my crazy adventures in Mexico and also show some pretty awesome photographs from my trip in upcoming posts! Stay tunes :)


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