Last month of the year

Once again the year flew by so quickly. It’s the last month of the year and to be honest I am not ready yet for December to end.

I wrote a list of goals and as the year went by I changes some and I added more. It’s good to update your goals, however looking at my 2017-2018 goal list it seems as if I failed pretty hard. Looking back at all the things that happened this year I must say I am really happy!

Of course I went trough some shitty things/moments/’experiences’ but overall a lot of good things happened. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make a list out of them (or at least the ones I recall at the moment).

I will try to do it as chronological as I can:

  1. I had an awesome course with lots of lab-time
  2. Miracle; I found a sport I liked*
  3. I had the best internship ever**
  4. I met T.
    1. lots of love
    2. lots of growth
    3. lots of happiness
  5. Got my bachelor of science :)
  6. Video-chatted with my sister who was all over the world, taking me along with some of her adventures
  7. Started my MASTER (which is both awesome and scary)
  8. Got a new friend

And there are definitely some more great things that happened in 2017. But I will leave it at this. I know that the list of ‘things of 2017’ will be very different for everyone. And some might not get why I included an internship as a highlight of my year. But that said it is a personal list with things that spark joy in me. So you don’t need to understand it completely.

I hope you think a bit about all the beautiful things that happened to you this year. And I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!

*kickboxing + bonus I met some realllllly reallly nice people including Madeline & Arjen (they come as a 2 for one :)

**working in the lab with great people creating great workplace. Including awesome students *** and new friends ****

***awesome, crazy, happy, funny, adventurous, and most of all weird in a good way!

****including a very special German one, one who i happened to see today and worlds nr1. potato lover

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