Get out of that comfort zone!

They say that life begins outside of your comfort zone. I’m not sure if it’s the full truth but it makes your life way more interesting and adventurous. It helps to grow and to experience new things that you would never have imagined you could.

Honestly, it’s like a boost in your self-esteem as well. Not so long ago I shared some new goals I wanted to work on. Not knowing that I would start so soon in realizing those goals. Last week I went to the blood bank. I get anxious from hospitals and blood. Donating half a liter scares the shit out of me. But okay, everyone told me it would be okay, it’s just the test so you only need to donate a little (4 tubes). So I brought my sister as my (mental)support and before I knew it I was in a room where a lady poked my finger and checked my pulse. Luckily, she just went for it and poked me, before I had the chance to think about it. Good news was that I could get my blood tested, bad news, I had low iron in my blood, so before being able to donate half a liter, I need to get my iron high enough. Next step, enter a room where people are donating blood as if it is just a regular thing to do. Seeing the people with their bag of blood and tubes filled with blood made me feel quite unpleasant.

And then it was my turn. So two ladies walk up to me, they sit me down in a dentist-like chair and one lady starts to search for the best spot to take blood. Breath, don’t look at your arm just breath. She tells me she is ready to poke and I simply breath and look at my sister who is comfortably smiling at me. The insertion of the needle reminded me of my helix piercing. The idea is the scariest part. With my piercing I felt like a bee stung me after the poke. Now, I didn’t feel any pain after the needle was in. I was still scared though. After just a couple minutes they put a small band aid on my arm and I was ready to go home.

I decided to sit down next to my sister, just to be sure, and after again a couple of minutes we head home. And I am feeling all good again, just a bit tired.

The other goals I wrote down were not as scary as this one was for me. The cake mascara was a few minutes work, but ended up being a complete fail. The lush R&B DIY was easy and ended up really nice. The consistency was a bit different, more wax-like, and due to this you have to put it in on damp hair, otherwise it will not spread so easily.

Last but not least. I made and uploaded a YouTube video. If you want to check it out, you can click here. It’s about why I went vegan. I am not totally happy about the result, but I feel really energized from the scare it gave me to put it online. I will hopefully post more, and the topics will be quite variate. So, if you are not interested in veganism, it could still be interesting for you (in the future).

What was the last thing you did that was outside your comfort-zone?

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