Exciting news!

Behind the scene’s I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the blog and it’s content. I’m not too happy with how it is now. I’ve been neglecting my blog and I would love to change it a bit. To make it my personal place for thoughts, inspiration, photography, crafts and other really cool stuff.

I don’t want to have a firm schedule for every week but I would like to add a little bit of structure. At the time I am really liking the idea of monthly returning subjects. Expect monthly goals and every month an article related to photography, as well as an awesome DIY project. The DIY projects will probably be pyrography (woodburning) related. At least for the upcoming time, as I have a lot of really cool stuff I want to try (and share of course).

Besides the monthly returning subjects, I want my blog to be a place where I can dump thoughts and share whatever I like (or even better, love), a place I enjoy putting effort in.

Maybe I’ll write a bit more in English, maybe not. I can’t choose (sorry), which isn’t ideal. I write mostly in Dutch but my thoughts sometimes shift to English, besides some things just sound way better in English.

I have some (in my opinion) great photography plans, I also know that it takes time and my weeks are filled with all kinds of things. At the same time I still have some old projects that I have never finished/shared, so I’m pretty sure I have enough ‘material’ for a while.

The reason I stopped doing the monthly goals was because I felt like it was the only thing I was posting. I did like them and I find it important to set goals, so yeah they will be back pretty soon! Most likely starting in October.

And finally, I just want to point out that I would love to make this an inspiring, cool, nice and positive place on the interwebz and I will do my best to get there (can’t promise anything tho).

I really hope you’re going to like the changes and I hope I can pull it off!

Lots of Love!

By the way, you may have notices the strange focus on the picture, I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I wasn’t thinking at all, oops!

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