Cause i love you for infinity

I don’t want to write a cheesy love story down. I found my soulmate, my love, last year. It’s strange how good we connected and grew as a couple and as people. And even though you can never be certain, I feel so in love and loved, and I can only be truly grateful for being together.

The thing is, I always was or at least felt a bit different. In the sense that I had a very bad self esteem and I could never imagine anyone liking me. I went through many years filled with mostly anxiety and never really felt good and confident. Do not get me wrong here, in those years I did many things that I liked and my days were mostly filled with joy. I somehow always managed and found people with whom I connected and with whom I felt like I could really be myself. Hi Noëlle and Asmara <3 But internally I was also struggling with anxiety, I was very shy and a total anti-social introvert. I had totally accepted being forever alone.

With time I found myself growing, I got a grip on my mental health but also failed many times with trying to maintain that grip. About two years ago, I started with therapy and it helped me grow a lot. I not only got a grip on my mental health, but I also felt better. More alive and full of enthusiasm. Basically I felt really good! I learned that I wasn’t as anti-social as I thought and I found so much joy as I learned to know new people. FYI I’m still pretty shy, but I created a I don’t give a f*ck shield, that mostly works pretty well. I got a new outlook on a lot of things including ‘love’. I started to believe, what I still believe, that you attract good things when you feel good. When you radiate and give of good energy, there will be good energy that finds you as well. As far as boyfriends went, I started to be more open towards it, but I wasn’t ready to go on dates, and search for ‘it’.

I was and wanted to focus on myself. To be at a place where I felt happy and inspiring. And I don’t think I really got there, but while feeling really good I ran into T. No really I was running when I recognized him on a bench. I don’t really want to go into details about how we met and how our relationship formed. But we met and talked and even though we kept making mis-connections, first about where we had met before and so on, we made some sort of connection. And from there on things just happened naturally.

Everyone is different when it comes to dating, loving, boyfriends and girlfriends. But what I really wanted to share with you is that even though it might seem as if you are never going to find a soulmate, chances are you will. Just believe in yourself, know your worth, and love yourself first.

I know there are many people for whom a relationship helps to love themselves, but please, and I can’t emphasize this enough, you don’t need anyone’s approval. You are good enough. And you do not need a relationship to be happy! It’s what we all want in the end, right, to be happy?

So tell me, what do you think about this topic?

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