The minimalist wishlist; why it is okay to have a wishlist as a minimalist

Please I don’t want any gifts. I started saying this and people always think its a lie. I really don’t want to be ungrateful but for me I rather get an experience such as a lunch together or another way to do something fun rather then getting something. The more I get into minimalism, the less I want, but also the better I know what I do want. I don’t want cheap mass production items or items where you pay more for the brand then for the items worth. I like things that have good quality and are made with great care and love. And additionally I want new experiences. Many things I rather pay for myself. I like 100% natural peanut butter or vegan ‘cream cheese’ spread. I like nuts and trying new fruits. I want to book a vacation, and discover new places.


About my ‘diet’

Two years ago I saw the documentary cowspiracy. This made me think so much about my food choices, mostly concerning the effect on the environment. I began a vegetarian diet. As someone who never ate much meat anyway, this was a fairly easy step. Nevertheless I started eating meat again. This had multiple reasons, one being the pressure I put on myself. I felt so guilty when eating meat or any animal product. Additionally I felt as if I was lacking nutrients and other essentials, especially calories. I continued eating animal products, but kept reaching for alternatives most of the time.


Cause i love you for infinity

I don’t want to write a cheesy love story down. I found my soulmate, my love, last year. It’s strange how good we connected and grew as a couple and as people. And even though you can never be certain, I feel so in love and loved, and I can only be truly grateful for being together.

The thing is, I always was or at least felt a bit different. In the sense that I had a very bad self esteem and I could never imagine anyone liking me. I went through many years filled with mostly anxiety and never really felt good and confident. Do not get me wrong here, in those years I did many things that I liked and my days were mostly filled with joy. I somehow always managed and found people with whom I connected and with whom I felt like I could really be myself. Hi Noëlle and Asmara <3 But internally I was also struggling with anxiety, I was very shy and a total anti-social introvert. I had totally accepted being forever alone.


Last month of the year

Once again the year flew by so quickly. It’s the last month of the year and to be honest I am not ready yet for December to end.

I wrote a list of goals and as the year went by I changes some and I added more. It’s good to update your goals, however looking at my 2017-2018 goal list it seems as if I failed pretty hard. Looking back at all the things that happened this year I must say I am really happy!

Of course I went trough some shitty things/moments/’experiences’ but overall a lot of good things happened. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make a list out of them (or at least the ones I recall at the moment).


Minimalism, back on track


Minimalism, a recurrent topic on my blog. It has been on my mind lately, ever since I watched the documentary Minimalism: a documentary about the important things. Even though i was not into the documentary (i found it quite disappointing), it brought back the urge to minimize. There are lots of tips I like to use, but then I don’t apply them. So I decided to write down some easy tricks to (start) living with less. They might be helpful for you as well.

  1. For people who wear make-up on a regular basis or clean their face (daily). There is this special cloth, I believe it is called the make-up eraser. It is a sort of microfiber-like cloth that cleans your face and takes make-up off, without an additional product. You just use a bit of water and then it works it wonders. I love it, because it works and it has multiple advantages: no/less make-up remover & less waste, which is great for the environment, yaay! After using it you can trow it in the washing machine and re-use it. I bought mine at the action (not sure if this shop exist outside of the Netherlands) it costed less then a euro and I will hopefully be using it for a long, long time!
    Additionally I have been using microfiber cloths cut up in little squares instead of cotton facial pads (wattenschijfjes) and that works great, I use them with a tea tree cleanser. And same as for the make-up eraser they are washable!
  2. Use oil instead of creams. There are many people who use creams on a daily basis, but if you are like me, you hardly ever use it. So I decided to part with my creams, with the exception of nivea which I love to use whenever I have a runny nose situation. As for oils, I am a huge fan of coconut oil, it makes my skin feel soft and it melts at body temperature. It doesn’t have a scent and I love to put it on at night and then wake up with super soft skin. And additionally coconut oil can be used for many many other things, which is great!
  3. A few questions to ask yourself when decluttering, instead of wondering what you want to get rid of do the opposite, what are the things that you really want to keep. It’s simple yet effective (for me at least). Another useful question is if you would see for this item in the store, would you buy it again?
  4. As for buying things, make sure you not only love it at the moment, but try to think if it will be an asset in your life.
  5. Read my article about 5 reasons to live with less, as a reminder.
  6. Keep it simple, yet not boring. Minimalism is about either loving what you have or using/needing it. If owning 50 notebooks makes you happy, keep them. Minimalism isn’t about living with as little stuff as possible, it is about loving the things that you own!

So these are some easy tips. Remember that you don’t do this in a weekend, it’s a lifestyle that takes some time. You go trough your belongings and that might take some time. And that is okay. It is definitely worth it (in my opinion).


Have a nice weekend! Let me know if any of these tips have been helpful.

What are your thoughts on minimalism?

Lots of love,