Amsterdam food rescue- BuurtBuik

There is a huge amount of food spillage. The waste is immense and in order to be a part of the solution, Amsterdam offers an amazing option. It is a really awesome idea, however not many people know about it. I recently learned about it, and I wish I knew about it sooner. There is an organization called BuurtBuik. What they do is they collect food that is still good but would otherwise be thrown away. And with that food they make a delicious menu, which they serve for free. Buurtbuik works with volunteers and is a non-profit project. When I first heard about it from my mom, I thought it was only for the people in the direct neighborhood or for people who have less to spend. However that’s not the case. I have only been there once in the location in Amsterdam zuid. On their website buurtbuik they have more information about the locations and the time and dates at which each location offers food. It is all in Dutch but I think it’s quite clear and with google translate I expect it is easy to understand for English speakers. It is however not a tourist spot, it is meant for people that live in the area. The reason I still want to write it in English, is because I really love the idea and I think it would be great if more cities could join this or could start their own version!

I just noticed that they are going to start on a new location in Utrecht, this February. Additionally, they are working on opening in Eindhoven. So hopefully that goes well and who knows what the future holds. BuurtBuik might become available in every (big) city in the Netherlands.

As I said, I have only been there once. But I was blown away by the ambiance of the place. It radiates positivity and I feel like it really connects people. It is such a heart warming place. We were super surprised when we found out it was a whole menu that you get served. And the portions are huge. As they try to prevent waste, you are more then welcome to bring a lunchbox to fill with all the food you can’t finish. They always have a vegetarian menu and for me it was no problem getting a vegan menu.

We sat together with a lovely lady, and we talked so much. Really nice way to get people to connect. Whenever I mention this to my boyfriend, he keeps telling me how grateful he is that my mom introduced us to this place. In a world where you keep being informed about all kinds of horrible news and negativity, this shows that there is still so much goodness left in people.

This is a short clip to give an impression, again this is in Dutch.

If you liked this please check out their website:

Did you know about certain projects? Maybe there is a similar project near you! Would you be open to visit (or volunteer)?


Photo by LUM3N on Unsplash

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