About my ‘diet’

Two years ago I saw the documentary cowspiracy. This made me think so much about my food choices, mostly concerning the effect on the environment. I began a vegetarian diet. As someone who never ate much meat anyway, this was a fairly easy step. Nevertheless I started eating meat again. This had multiple reasons, one being the pressure I put on myself. I felt so guilty when eating meat or any animal product. Additionally I felt as if I was lacking nutrients and other essentials, especially calories. I continued eating animal products, but kept reaching for alternatives most of the time.

And I ate a lot of vegan alternatives. I learned that I loved oat ‘milk’, I did’t taste the difference between vegan mayo and egg-containing mayonnaise. And even stopped eating cheese, a very quite big change, as am very much Dutch and was used to eating it on my bread daily. It almost sounds as if I was vegan, but except for the vegan challenge in October and some time following that challenge, I still hadn’t made the change.

I was lucky that my mom was totally supportive. She made vegan dinner, and also joined in the vegan challenge. The same goes for this year. I had started with more and more vegan eating, this time I didn’t put so much pressure on myself and also didn’t ‘blame’ others. This was my choice and even though I would like to encourage everyone to (at least try) to eat vegan, that is their choice, not mine. I watched more documentaries about food and also started to search for vegan Youtubers. I felt more and more inspired to eat vegan.

I don’t eat meat anymore, and I would love to be able to call myself a full vegan. I don’t eat any animal (derived) products on a daily basis, don’t buy animal (derived) products anymore, yet I am not a full vegan. Not yet.

It might sound really silly to some people, but what I decided to continue to eat are cookies or other goodies, that contain either traces of egg or milk WHEN OFFERED or when I really can’t help it. I won’t eat it always and if there is a vegan choice I will choose that, if I want to. But there are so many times that cookies are almost vegan, and could definitely made vegan, but there is a 1% milk powder of egg ‘something’. Or simply the vegan version in supermarkets just sucks. And it is mostly when it comes to comfort food like chocolate, chips, or other desserts that I miss it and can’t find a good vegan alternatives. When it comes to dinner, and my other main dishes I really don’t miss something.

Sure there will definitely be times where I will have to live with my choice and ‘miss out’. But for most things I have enough options and many yet to learn.

What are your thoughts on food? Especially when it comes to eating animal products or animal derived products?

Lots of lalilove

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