A small inside to my thoughts

I keep wanting to write, but then I don’t. I forget, I don’t make time for it and when I have time for it I’m not in the mood.
The things I want to write about are often damn hard topics. Ranging from a bit hard to pretty much depressing.

For one,
I like to believe that there is more to everyone we meet.
A quote I have seen quite often on pinterest is ‘be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their own battle’.
Conclusion; you don’t know what a person is going trough.
Sure it’s not an excuse to act like an asshole, but it puts things in perspective. People go trough all kind of stuff and yes it makes us vulnerable, but it also shapes us as a person, it makes us interesting.
It gives us all these layers and it can make us very complicated as well.

I am a highly curious person. Therefor, I like to get to know people layer by layer. Sometimes skipping too many layers or not realizing that people are not ready or not willing to share those layers with me.

I used to be very closed. Telling someone which songs I would listen to or what my opinion was on something made me very scared. As if they would make fun of me and not respect my opinions. Fortunately, I have grown immensely as a person. I am still shy, but I stand up for what I believe in, at least a tad bit more, and I try to open up.

I believe that I get people out of their shells at least a bit. Because I am shy but also a peoples person, people tend to feel comfortable around me and they open up. I like that.
I like getting to know ‘the quiet’ ones. The ones that come across as ‘boring’ stay at home people. Perhaps people like me. And then to get to know how utterly opposite to boring they are.

As a clarification, no I don’t inspect people and analyse who I should hang out with, based on my crappy judgement. I try not to judge on how someone looks. I still do, but I try not to let my prejudgment change how I am towards others. Just how I wouldn’t want to be judged based only on how I look.



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