5 things i never thought i could

go to a concert all by myself
travel alone
follow kickboxing classes
enjoy eating out
be so open on the internet

These are all things that once seemed impossible for me.

I used to get really anxious over the idea of going to a concert, let alone, to go there all by myself. And I did, I went to The head and the heart and it was a really great experience. I am sure lots of people have no trouble going alone to a concert, but for me it was a scary step. And I am really glad I did.

To travel alone. I never went somewhere abroad alone. But I have traveled alone. In many different ways, and I liked it. I love the independence, that you can waste your time without bothering anyone and I love passing things I don’t particularly care about. Having said this, I also really like good company. But it’s nice to know that you don’t need it in order to enjoy your travels.

As a weak skinny person I never thought I would get the courage to go to a kickboxing class. I think that at 20, even a 5 year old would kick my ass in such a class. But I liked the idea, and eventually I just went there without caring if I would ‘fail’. I would do it for myself. And not give a f*ck. And now it is not even a year later, and I am 100% sure it was on of my best decisions in life. Not exaggerating!

Enjoy eating out, never thought I could. Apparently I can!

Internet, I was never to fond on the idea that everyone, all over the world, could ‘find’ something about me. But here i am anyways.

Remember! We are capable of so many great things. Never ever let your fear prevent you from doing what you love.

You can do more then you think, you can do anything you set your mind to, never give up!

Lots of love,

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