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There is something I have to tell you

21 February 2018

When I first started seeing my boyfriend, we were already talking about mental illness quite soon. Partly due to the place we accidentally decided to have tea at. It soon became clear that we were both no strangers to mental illnesses and before I knew it I was telling him about my history with anxiety. I even told him that I was just finishing up on my therapy and that I wanted to take time to ‘find myself’. Focus on me and find my place in the world. He had told me a bit about his struggles and again I was reminded that you can’t see a mental illness.

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Food | Happiness | zero waste

Amsterdam food rescue- BuurtBuik

19 February 2018

There is a huge amount of food spillage. The waste is immense and in order to be a part of the solution, Amsterdam offers an amazing option. It is a really awesome idea, however not many people know about it. I recently learned about it, and I wish I knew about it sooner. There is an organization called BuurtBuik. What they do is they collect food that is still good but would otherwise be thrown away. And with that food they make a delicious menu, which they serve for free. Buurtbuik works with volunteers and is a non-profit project. When I first heard about it from my mom, I thought it was only for the people in the direct neighborhood or for people who have less to spend. However that’s not the case. I have only been there once in the location in Amsterdam zuid. On their website buurtbuik they have more information about the locations and the time and dates at which each location offers food. It is all in Dutch but I think it’s quite clear and with google translate I expect it is easy to understand for English speakers. It is however not a tourist spot, it is meant for people that live in the area. The reason I still want to write it in English, is because I really love the idea and I think it would be great if more cities could join this or could start their own version!

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Let’s share some love – bloghop –

12 February 2018

Hi, today something totally different. Dedicated to people who have a blog and people who want to discover some new nice blogs. When I looked at which blogs I used to follow and love, I come to realize they are mostly gone. Some made an announcement others just disappeared.

So I thought it would be nice to create a page, where you can list you blog. Comment what your blog is about and I will check it out. Just make sure you put the link to your blog in the designated box, otherwise you probably will end up in the spam box. And if you don’t have a blog yourself but still want to recommend one, please do. For this you can put 1 link in your comment, and I hope I will be able to fish it out of the spam.

For now it will be an article, but I will most likely put a link to this in the header!

So lets share some love!

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zero waste

Zero waste: near future

8 February 2018

Last time I wrote about zero waste, I shared some good zero waste habits I already had. This time I wanted to tell you my plans for the near future. It are easy swaps, but because I still have the not zero waste friendly back-ups it is important to first use those until they can be replaced by better alternatives.

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